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i might be barely breathing, but i'm not dead.

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i can has new layout?

No, you do not need to adjust your monitor, I do have a spiffy new layout! The old one was... well, old. Plus, this one features fanart by rufftoon, so how can it possibly be bad? :D

And I have nothing new to report other than that, most unfortunately. I will have those requests done soonish, I swear, and I've got some A:tLA icons from 3x07-3x09 that I should be finishing up, plus I've done a couple Fullmetal Alchemist ones I really like, and because I went a whole 1/3rd of a sentence without referencing A:tLA I have to swing back over to that fandom and mention that I'm working on a Jet/Azula fanmix. And! Even though I haven't touched it in months, I WILL try my damndest to get my 'Girls of Avatar' mood theme finished up - I'm hoping for a pre-2008 posting date, but we'll see.

I'm done hogging up your flist now, so toodles!

PS. How awesome were those latest A:tLA episodes?! Okay, now I'm done hogging up your flist. :P
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