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20 August 2010 @ 08:59 pm

Most of my icons/mood themes/etc. have been re-uploaded and moved over to incendire, which is where all my new updates will be at. Please feel free to join and comment at posts over there. I have a request post open if anyone is interested. :D
10 July 2010 @ 07:40 pm
Hellooo! So I'm trying to make a comeback and post some more graphics. But before I make any new posts, I plan on fixing all the old entries in here where the links have died. (Long story short, I was using a friends' domain, he's in the army and had tons of other things on his mind and forgot to renew it.) But I was curious if anyone cared for me to re-upload any of the dead links in my Screencap Log? My old computer died so I don't have access to lots of the stuff any longer, but I could upload most of A:tLA, W.I.T.C.H., and Eureka SeveN.

And does anyone use my Screencap Gallery? I'm thinking of just deleting it if not. :)

Oh, also! If you're into Avatar: The Last Airbender and enjoy making graphics/writing fanfics/etc, join atlaland! It's a fun contest community where you get sorted into the different nations from the show (Fire Nation, Air Nomads, Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe) and compete in contests. It's actually really fun. You can read more about it here.
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03 July 2009 @ 08:12 pm
In case me not posting in basically a year and a half wasn't enough of a hint, this place has been on hiatus for awhile now. Not by choice -- I kinda lost the graphic groove for a month or three, then moved in with The Boyfriend and we had zero internet access until recently. Now I have net access, just a crappy laptop not suited for graphics programs. I plan to be getting an external hard drive sometime in the next month or two, so once I have that set up I will definitely start posting again in here.

And yes guys, I'm aware most of the links in this journal are no longer working. At the moment, I can't do anything about it. The person who was hosting my stuff before I got a domain deleted all my icons/mood themes without warning, and the computer with all those files on it is at my Dad's house. Again, once I get the external hard drive, all that stuff will be back up ASAP.

Sorry for any inconvenience, dudes. :/
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24 March 2008 @ 10:56 pm
+ Comment if you take anything.
+ Textless icons are not bases.
+ Credit whoresque, NOT bentfire in the keywords.
+ Drug and sexual references as well as cussing are under the cut, so if that offends you, don't look. Also, one icon is a spoiler for 3x07 - "The Runaway".
+ This post contains three icons each from all episodes of Book Two.

15. 43. 50.

tell me all your plans and i'll laugh back in your face.Collapse )

This is a companion post to the Book One icon set I made way back in Nov. '06. In that post I mentioned I planned on doing the same thing for season two, perhaps "riiight before Book Three starts up." Um. Yeah. I failed that, hardcore. XD I'm only late by about six months, but who's counting?

And this post took fooooorever, holy shit. I think I did the first one back in December, and I just finished 'em tonight. I really spent a lot of time on these, like a minimum of 30minutes per icon. Plus I tried really hard to work on my text use, I originally wanted to one text icon for every episode, but obviously I failed at that. (I was close, though! 19/60 is nearly 1/3, so I wasn't too off, really.) Overall though, I think this is my favorite batch ever. There's a few I can't stand (40, 41 + 56 make me cringe), but I'm pretty proud of this set.

If anyone wants the textless versions, or ones without the funky backgrounds (like in this one), let me know and I'll upload 'em.

And finally: I have a shiny new userinfo. :D I hadn't updated it since '05, so that thing was in desperate need of a make-over.
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+ Comment if you take anything.
+ Textless icons are not bases.
+ Credit whoresque, NOT bentfire in the keywords.
+ This post contains icons from the request post (yes, finally), One Tree Hill, Sailor Moon, Bleach, Eureka seveN, Fullmetal Alchemist, NANA and other misc fandoms.

14. 23. 38.

i know my heart and it will never change.Collapse )

Making this post taught me two things: a) never do request posts again (I fail massively at doing them in a timely manner) and b) never make icons of real people (again, I fail massively). And speaking of the request icons, I know not everyone who requested an icon got one in this post and I'm sorry. The computer that I had most of my graphics on died recently and with it went a lot of the finished icons. But I'll re-do 'em soon and e-mail them to you or something, kay? Sorry, again.

And two more things: new layout! It's of Bethany Joy Lenz (I refuse to acknowledge that she is married and has thus changed her last name, damnit) using lyrics from her song "The Loneliness Is Better Near Now".

Aaand secondly! I finally got around to getting my own domain, Violent Red. I've also got a gallery hosted on there, so now you can download my screencaps via zip files or individually at the gallery. :D So far I've got all of Avatar: The Last Airbender (including DVD caps of the end of season two, plus 3x01-3x05 with 3x06-3x10 coming soon - I got my DVD set yesterday so I'll work on it the next couple days), Eureka seveN, W.I.T.C.H., and season five of One Tree Hill. I haven't updated my Screencap Log yet because I'm planning to go through and delete a lot of it. So, is there anything on there you guys would like to see uploaded to the gallery? The only thing I refuse to do is seasons one/two/three/four of One Tree Hill. DVD caps are out for those, so mine aren't considered good quality anymore. But other than that, I'll consider uploading anything else.
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